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Lighting & Shades

Automated Lighting that allows you to change the feel of your entire home with the touch of a button!

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    One of the most important elements of interior design…Light Control. One button press can adjust your living area lighting to entertain guests, create a warm comforting ambiance to relax, or completely brighten the area for cleaning. We work with interior designers to ensure pathways are properly lit and so works of art won’t go unappreciated.


    Light and shade control is one of the more important convenience features of a large home. How difficult and time consuming is it to turn on, off, or properly dim every light in the house to provide the ideal ambiance the moment may demand? Add the ideal shade settings that can be controlled with the touch of a button for real convenience.


    With today’s technology, your control systems can take into account the time of year and geographic location to know when shades should be open in the winter to let in the warming sunlight and closed in the summer to optimize the cooling shade saving you on energy bills. With LED lights and Human Centric Lighting (HCL) capabilities, you can have your interior lights mimic the natural outdoor light helping with sleeping patterns!


CAV Guarantee

Besides our quality work, excellent service is what we are known for. We offer fast response by our certified technicians to assure that your home systems operate to your expectations. In our constant quest to offer the best value with new technologies we have introduced our Customer Care Package, which allows us to remotely monitor and service your networked systems to reduce costs on service calls. We are local, based in Minturn, and serve Vail, Beaver Creek and the surrounding areas. Because of that we can respond quickly and efficiently to our client’s needs.

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