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Industry Certification

Technology is advancing at an exponential rate, and so is our team!


CEDIA Certification Hiring a home technology professional can seem daunting. CEDIA has made it easy for homeowners to feel confident in their selection. As a homeowner, you want to make sure that the professional working in your home is qualified, trained, and service-oriented. CEDIA certified professionals have met vigorous industry standards and have been formally educated and specially trained. In addition, CEDIA member companies have agreed to the CEDIA Code of Ethics, perhaps the most highly regarded standard in the home technology industry.

Control4 Certification DescriptionWhen designed and installed properly by a trained, knowledgeable technician, an automation system is able to perform some amazing feats. Our system plays nicely with over 12,000 connected devices that your Control4 Dealer can orchestrate to create personalized experiences in tune with how you live. With Control4 you get the best of both worlds—the ability for you, the homeowner, to further personalize your smart home after the installation, and the confidence in knowing that the system has been professionally designed and installed, is supported by a robust network, and can be adapted to your needs far into the future.

Pakedge Certified Network Administrators - gain a complete understanding of networking basics, network design, and configuration making them more efficient and capable. This unique course blends online coursework with practical hands-on learning using the network devices technicians install every day. The online curriculum provides the educational and technical depth while the hands-on practice ensures mastery and knowledge retention.

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