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Smart Home Automation

How we can help keep your home as smart as you!

    Smart Homes allow you to take control over many aspects of your home. When this technology was first introduced, it was used for lighting and simple appliance controls. With the advances in modern technology and most devices having network capabilities, we can give you the ability to turn music off in one room and play it in the next with a simple voice command, or be able to unlock your door for a delivery drop-off via your smartphone when you aren’t even there!

    Smart Homes are part of the Internet of Things (IoT) and it takes a well designed network, expert programming and a professionally installed system to operate at the highest level. Over recent years, “Smart Home” technology functions have evolved drastically; improving the amount of control you have over your home while upgrading the safety functions and increasing your home’s energy efficiency. And with our network expertise these features can all be realized knowing that your privacy and security are maintained.

Efficiency - Make sure your home is running at optimal efficiency by having preset “Modes” programmed in your system. Leaving for the day? With one button you can tell your entire home to turn off, have your shades go down in the summer to keep it cool or up in the winter to let warm sunshine in. All of your lights will be turned off and can even have the thermostat bump down a couple degrees until you are on your way home where it will fire back up to be nice and cozy when you arrive.

Safety - Smart Home technology has made it even easier to keep your family and your property safe. With networked smoke/CO2/water/motion/intrusion/temperature monitors you will be notified via your preference of a problem the moment it starts and be told exactly where the issue is stemming from.


CAV Guarantee

Besides our quality work, excellent service is what we are known for. We offer fast response by our certified technicians to assure that your home systems operate to your expectations. In our constant quest to offer the best value with new technologies we have introduced our Customer Care Package, which allows us to remotely monitor and service your networked systems to reduce costs on service calls. We are local, based in Minturn, and serve Vail, Beaver Creek and the surrounding areas. Because of that we can respond quickly and efficiently to our client’s needs.

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