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    The key to a solid home entertainment system is a well designed audio and video system that fits your specific needs and preferences. Our skilled technicians, along with our 30+ years experience designing audio-video systems guarantee a terrific viewing and listening experience without the “eyesore” of bulky technology. Enjoy the luxury of Multi-Room audio and video, immerse yourself in a Home Theater experience that is comparable to a night out at the movies, or utilize some of our all-weather technology so you can remain entertained in the great outdoors.

Multi-Room Audio & Video

A huge perk of having a well designed system is multi-room audio and video functionality. Utilizing any streaming service, the music library stored on your network, and even analog sources like your turntable, you can play music anywhere in your home, whether it be the room you are working in at the moment, or throughout the entire house! Does your family ever disagree on what to watch or listen to? - No problem! With multi-room audio you can stream music out on the patio while someone else is playing their own playlist in the next room, and someone else is watching a movie in the next!

Home Theaters and Media Rooms

As 4k content and High Resolution 3D audio become the new norm, your home cinema experience can be as good if not surpass your night at the theater. Overhead audio channels allow for full immersion in your favorite movies and shows experiencing them the way the Director envisioned.


Outdoor & Landscape Entertainment

Don’t have your entertainment options end at your doorstep. Utilizing the outdoors is one of the perks of living in Colorado and our high quality all-weather audio and video technologies let you take your experience outside and listen or watch whatever you like from your patio, hot-tub, or garden!


CAV Guarantee

Besides our quality work, excellent service is what we are known for. We offer fast response by our certified technicians to assure that your home systems operate to your expectations. In our constant quest to offer the best value with new technologies we have introduced our Customer Care Package, which allows us to remotely monitor and service your networked systems to reduce costs on service calls. We are local, based in Minturn, and serve Vail, Beaver Creek and the surrounding areas. Because of that we can respond quickly and efficiently to our client’s needs.

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