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Security & Surveillance

Keep your property protected from fire, freezing pipes, and burglary!

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Life Safety

Smoke Alarms, Heat Detectors, CO2 Sensors, Gas Monitoring

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Property Protection

Low Temperature Sensors, Water Sensors, Freezing Pipes Warning

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Forensic Capabilities, Zen, Wildlife Viewing

    Keeping your family and property safe is our priority and we customize systems to fit your budget and security needs. Our comprehensive systems are visually unobtrusive and simple to use without compromising safety. Utilizing a networked system, you can remotely monitor every aspect of your home’s security, including intrusion, surveillance, property protection and life safety.

Intrusion - Using the latest convenience applications such as smart home control and keypad locks, rather than physical keys, you can control who has access to your property and even assign separate access codes to each individual and monitor who is coming in at what time. Intrusion sensors will notify you of any uninvited visitors and exactly where they are breaking in and their path through the house.

Life Safety & Property Protection - While building codes already make sure you have fire/smoke/co2 alarms, having them professionally integrated into your system adds another level of protection. It doesn’t matter if an alarm is going off when nobody is around to hear it. Our systems notify you by text, email, phone call or whatever your preference of the issue and where it is occurring the minute it happens!

Surveillance - Motion activated property cameras allow you to enjoy the Colorado outdoors from anywhere in the world. You can remotely access any camera on your property at any time to see how much snow has fallen, or to see what kind of wildlife has passed through! Oh, and also let you know about human activity at your home.


CAV Guarantee

Besides our quality work, excellent service is what we are known for. We offer fast response by our certified technicians to assure that your home systems operate to your expectations. In our constant quest to offer the best value with new technologies we have introduced our Customer Care Package, which allows us to remotely monitor and service your networked systems to reduce costs on service calls. We are local, based in Minturn, and serve Vail, Beaver Creek and the surrounding areas. Because of that we can respond quickly and efficiently to our client’s needs.

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