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Home Theaters and Media Rooms

Whether settling into a dedicated theater room as a getaway for full immersion in a classic or film or enjoying your favorite sporting event in a more social, multi-purpose media room, quality design and execution are essential. Custom Audio Video provides attention to detail and an understanding of all the elements that need to be addressed to ensure an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Telephone Systems

The telephone system is an essential part of the electronic environment. No more yelling down the hall for someone to pick up the phone. No need to go down three flights of stairs to answer the door to tell FedEx to leave the package. Voicemail, fax management, multiple phone lines, and clean and clear cordless telephone convenience simplifies and enhances your mountain living.​

Multi-Room Audio & Video

Value engineering is quite evident in multi-room audio systems. Does a particular room in the house want music for ambiance while another is geared for dancing? Does the client wish to relax and be carried away by Mozart or only have background music while working? These are design criteria that should be considered to maximize the client’s investment and enjoyment. While centralized music systems have made sense for decades, centralized video has been available but costly. New technology has made centralized video relevant, functional, and ever so clean. No more cable boxes or DVD players cluttered around beautiful mounted flat-panel televisions. Now this tv can receive high-quality video content with network connectivity from a single cable connected to components that can be controlled easily from a remote control, tablet or smartphone.

Security & Surveillance

Keeping your home and family safe is our priority. Our goal is to design a system that is visually unobtrusive and simple to use without compromising safety. The latest convenience application such as keypads which can eliminate the need for keys or the ability to remotely control your alarm system via a smartphone, PC, or tablet are now available. Your home can even send you an email to alert you about an alarm.


We specialize in surveillance systems, whether used to remotely monitor your home for peace of mind and added security or to simply see how much snow came down last night. Once again, these images are easily accessible via computer, smartphone or tablet.

Lighting, Shade, and Climate Control

One of the most important elements of interior design…Light Control. One button press can adjust your living area lighting to entertain guests, create a warm comforting ambiance to relax or completely brighten the area for cleaning.


Light and shade control is one of the more important convenience features of a large home. How difficult and time consuming is it to turnon, off, or properly dim every light in the house to provide the ideal ambiance the moment may demand. Add the ideal shade settings that can be controlled with the touch of a button for ral convenience.


Light control and climate control are the most important electrical systems in the home for energy conservation. However, they can only be used for optimum benefit if these systems are easily manipulated.


With today’s technology, certain control systems take into account the time of year and geographic location to know when shades should be open in the winter to let in the warming sunlight and closed in the summer to optimize the cooling shade. Networked thermostats and whole-home light control systems can be easily adjusted with the touch of a button or Home or Away settings. These green technologies also save money.


Imagine performing these easy button presses from a keypad or touchscreen or tablet. Perhaps from your smartphone while driving home from the airport.

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CAV Guarantee

Besides our quality work, excellent service is what we are known for. We offer fast response by our certified technicians to assure that your home systems operate to your expectations. In our constant quest to offer the best value with new technologies we have introduced our Customer Care Package, which allows us to remotely monitor and service your networked systems to reduce costs on service calls. We are local, based in Minturn, and serve Vail, Beaver Creek and the surrounding areas. Because of that we can respond quickly and efficiently to our client’s needs.


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